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browse ARTICLES BASED deborah’s newest BOOk, you’re the only one i can tell: inside the language of women’s friendships

The New York Times, "My Mother Speaks Through Me"

The Washington Post, "Women Friends Like to Handle Conflicts by Talking Them Out. But Does It Work?", "Why Friends Ghost on Even Their Closest Pals" 

New York Magazine, "A Linguist Breaks Down What We Really Mean When We Call Our Friends 'Close'"

The Atlantic, "The (Sometimes Unintentional) Subtext of Digital Conversations”                                                                  

The New York Times, "Women's Friendships, in Sickness and in Heath”                                                                                      

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NPR's WBR The Joy Cardin Show "Understanding the Language of Girl Talk"

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The New York Times, “No, You Don’t Have to Stop Apologizing”

The Washington Post’s The Lily, “The case for grown-up slumber parties”

Verily, “Standing By Her: The Vital of Female Friends in Today’s Culture.”

Psychology Today, "How We Talk and Listen Affects Our Relationships."

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TIME's Motto, "The Truth About How Much Women Talk -- And Whether Men Really Listen" 

The Washington Post, "It's not just Trump's message that matters. There's also his metamessage" 

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