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April 22 The New York Times, “No, You Don’t Have to Stop Apologizing”

April 15 NPR’s 1A, “‘Bless Your Heart’ and Beyond”

April 8 The Washington Post’s The Lily, “The case for grown-up slumber parties.”


September 7 Verily interview with Deborah Tannen, “Standing By Her: The Vital of Female Friends in Today’s Culture.”

July 27                Psychology Today, "How We Talk and Listen Affects Our Relationships."

April 17              Forbes Masters of Leadership Podcast, "Deborah Tannen: Modern Communication Challenges in Work and Life."

February 8          NPR's On Point, "The 'Joy and Heartbreak' of Female Friendships."

February 2          Nobody Told Me! Podcast, "...about women's friendships."

January 30          Harvard Business Review's Women at Work Podcast, "Make Yourself Heard."


October 25         University of California, Berkeley's Conversations with History interview with Deborah Tannen, "A Linguist's                                     Intellectual Journey."

October 25         University of California, Berkeley's Hitchcock Lecture by Deborah Tannen, "Conversations on the Small Screen:                                   Talking over Social Media."

October 24          University of California, Berkeley's Hitchcock Lecture by Deborah Tannen, "The Language of Friendship: The                                    Role of Talk in an Understudied Relationship."

September 18     Something You Should Know Podcast, "Why We Can't Have Civil Debates Anymore."

July 7                  PBS NewsHour, "How social media 'likes' create a conversation of connection."

July 5                  Just the Right Book Podcast, "Episode 33: Inside the Language of Women's Friendships."

June 5                 NPR's KALW, "Deborah Tannen on how women talk to their friends and why it matters."

May 30               NPR's KQED Forum, "Secrets and Security: Deborah Tannen on the Language of Female Friendship."

May 15               WNYC's The Leonard Lopate Show, "Deborah Tannen on How Women Talk."

May 8                 NPR's WPR The Joy Cardin Show, "Understanding the Language of Girl Talk."

May 5                 Diane Rehm On My Mind Podcast, "Covering the Trump Administration and How to Support Friends in Grief."

May 2        Lexicon Valley podcast, "The Language of Female Friendships."

April 24              WESU's For Women Over 40, "Words Matter - Women's Friendships."

April 20              NPR's 1A, interview with Deborah Tannen, "A Little More Conversation: How Women Talk to Each Other."

February 14        NPR Live video interview with Deborah Tannen about the role of language in relationships in honor of Valentine's Day


November 23      NPR's WAMU The Diane Rehm Show, "Teens and Tech: How Digital Communication Impacts Young People and                                their Relationships."

November 1        The Ezra Klein Show, "Deborah Tannen on gendered speech, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and you."

October 25         NPR's WAMU The Diane Rehm Show, "Civility, Public Discourse, and the 2016 Election."

October 20         CNN International Edition, interview with Deborah Tannen, "Trump Speech Impact on Campaign."

September 22      PBS's Charlie Rose, interview with Deborah Tannen, "Language and Relationships."

September 11     Why? Philosophical Discussions of Every Day Life public radio show, "Women and Men: Talking, arguing, loving,                              and politicking" 

August 3             NPR's WBR The Joy Cardin Show, "'Shouting,' 'Yelling,' and 'Shrill': Taking a Look at Criticism of Women's Voices"

July 29                NPR's All Things Considered, "Is Hillary Clinton The First Woman Nominee — Or The First Female Nominee?"

April 1                Voice of America's Press Conference USA, interview with Deborah Tannen about the double bind and women in                                    power

January 26          NPR's The Diane Rehm Show, "Adult Sibling Relationships."

January 8            NPR's KPCC Take Two, "Creator of 'Just Not Sorry' App Says It's Not about Policing how Women Speak."


November 6       NPR's KQED The Forum, "I'm Sorry, But May We Discuss Tentative Speech?"

October 16         NPR's WBUR Here & Now, "The Deferential Language of Women at Work"

October 6           VoiceAmerica Family Matters Podcast, "Family Talk When You Are All Grown Up: Parents and Adult Siblings"

September 21     National Endowment for the Humanities Fifty Years Celebration article, "Deborah Tannen and Language"

August 7             RealSimple Podcast, "I Want to Like You: Chatty Cathys"

August 7             77 WBAC Radio: The Joan Hamburg Show, regarding Hillary Clinton's media representation


October 5           CNN's The Situation Room, "Does President Obama's Tone Sound Different?"

July 17                NPR's Morning Edition, "Solving the Mystery of Mother-Daughter Speak"

February 15        Martha Stuart Show with guest appearance by Deborah Tannen, "Behind the Sisterly Bond"


November 1       WYNC's 'The Takeaway' interview with Deborah Tannen, "Why Sisters Make Siblings Happier"


September 28 interview with Deborah Tannen, "The Relationship Between Sisters"

September 19      USA Today interview with Deborah Tannen, "Sisters' bonds rival all others, says linguist"

September 16      NPR's Morning Edition,"Culturetopia: Must-Listen Arts & Entertainment (Unlikely Pairings Edition)"

September 11      ABC News 20/20 video with Deborah Tannen, "Sisters: What Makes the Bond so Unique?"

September 8        NPR's Morning Edition interview with Deborah Tannen, "Sisters Speak in 'You Were Always Mom's Favorite'" 

September 8        NPR's Diane Rehm Show interview with Deborah Tannen, "You Were Always Mom's Favorite"


January 25          NPR's KQED The Forum interview with Deborah Tannen, "Deborah Tannen: Mothers and Daughters"

January 24          NPR's Diane Rehm Show interview with Deborah Tannen, "You're Wearing That?"


July 1                  NPR's Diane Rehm Show, "Political Language"


October 21         NPR's Morning Edition, "The Power of Language"

January 9            NPR's Diane Rehm Show interview with Deborah Tannen, "Fast Talk"


May 10               NPR's Diane Rehm Show interview with Deborah Tannen, "I Only Say This Because I Love You"


October 12         NPR's Diane Rehm Show, "Debate Analysis"

April 3                NPR's Diane Rehm Show, "Women Voters"

January 12          NPR's Diane Rehm Show, "Unbending Gender"