CNN International, Deborah Tannen's interview, "Trump Speech Impact on Campaign"

PBS's Charlie Rose show, Deborah Tannen's interview with Lesley Stahl, "Language and Relationships"


Why? Philosophical Discussions of Every Day Life public radio show, "Women and Men: Talking, arguing, loving, and politicking" 

NPR's WBR The Joy Cardin Show, "'Shouting,' 'Yelling,' and 'Shrill': Taking a Look at Criticism of Women's Voices"

NPR's All Things Considered, "Is Hillary Clinton the First Woman Nominee -- Or the First Female Nominee?"

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Deborah Tannen's Ideas article published by TIME, "Donald Trump Used Sexism to Attack Hillary Clinton. He lost" (October 10)

Deborah Tannen's Op-Ed in the Washington Post, "The sexism inherent in all that interrupting" (October 7)

Deborah Tannen's Ties article published by the New York Times online, "When Friends Are 'Like Family'" (March 25)

Deborah Tannen's Ideas article published by TIME, "The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Disliking Hillary Clinton" (March 15)

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